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The 7 pillars of Paranapanema brand


  • LIVELINESS: an optimistic brand that turns itself, dreams, thrives. Those who know the recent history of Paranapanema knows that if there is something that the company is able to do, is to turn it around. Its recent results show that, like any organism full of life, it reinvents itself, adapts, changes the route and begins to move forward again.
  • CONTEMPORARY: it is current, in line with market dynamics, modern in the business management and open to change. Paranapanema nowadays is bold, aligned with global practices of management with the current needs of the market.
  • PRODUCTIVITY: flexible, practical, focusing on results and with resources well directed. Keep up with the pace of the market is not always an easy task, but even so, Paranapanema comes getting increasingly productive and focused on delivering results.
  • EXCELLENCE: unquestionable quality. Throughout the history of the brand, a theme that never went to the background was the Paranapanema’s commitment with the quality of its products.
  • SOBRIETY: producer of commodity, product marketed on stock exchanges, a more formal soul by nature of its business. Because of this, the tone of its communication must always respect this essence.
  • SUSTAINABILITY: complete use of raw material, more durability and use of scrap. The sustainability of Paranapanema is in the soul of the copper itself and also in the productive processes of the company.
  • “GLOCAL”: a Brazilian-based company, Paranapanema will always be a business card of Brazil abroad, that is why it is called “Glocal”, a combination of the global with the local. For the internal market, is a great example of a Brazilian company that sells excellence in its products and is aligned with overall management practices.


In terms of brand architecture, Paranapanema adopts two premises:

  • We assume Paranapanema in two roles, as institutional brand and also as a brand that signs coproducts of the Company.
  • We adopt to Caraíba and Eluma the same architectural model, assuming that both are brands that belong to the Paranapanema “family”, i.e. signing as “a Paranapanema brand”.