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Paranapanema is committed to promoting sustainable development as it produces and sells refined copper and semi-manufactured products of copper and copper alloys. The company contributes to the welfare of employees, families and communities where it has a presence, integrating its operations appropriately with the environment. And this can only be achieved by respecting the laws, standards, customs and habits in each region where the company operates.

Environmental Management System

Through its Environmental Management System (EMS), the company strives to anticipate key public issues involving ecosystems and society, whether by conducting environmental impact studies in all areas of influence, or by aspiring to uphold and surpass the requirements of the legislation in force.

The EMS has been implemented at units on the basis of sectorial goals and procedures, and is responsible for consulting support and the Environmental Performance report. This makes it possible to discover, evaluate and deal with both current and potential issues and the impacts of products, processes and facilities on ecosystems and society, in an effort to stay ahead of public concerns. Advanced analyses of project risks are also conducted.

Within the context of the EMS, many practices are geared towards conservation and optimization of natural resources (both renewable and non-renewable) and ecosystem preservation –these include programs for: Waste Reduction, Selective Trash Collection, Recovery of Degraded Areas and Environmental Impact Assessments.

Risks of our products to customers and / or the environment

All our activities, products and services that can interact with customers and the environment are identified, assessed and controlled with respect to its environmental aspects and impacts. In this case, both are controlled those products or services used by the company, the products or services that are provided. Legal and regulatory issues or other existing standards and obligations are identified and considered in the environmental management system of the company, as part of its commitment to compliance with legislation. Thus, the copper products, brass and bronze as well as cardboard boxes, plastic and wood used by Paranapanema is 100% recyclable. The company through its products and its waste management practices has been meeting and / or exceeding requirements of the National Solid Waste Policy. Therefore, the company develops and promotes the recycling of waste generated in the production processes, and cardboard recycling apoiarcooperativas, plastic and wood generated by product packaging, contributing thus to reduce negative environmental impacts, energy saving, reduction the exploitation of natural resources, reduction of waste sent to aterrosindustriais and especially with practices in line with the preservation of the environment.