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Paranapanema believes in the continuity of its businesses as a way of serving and providing value to the society. In this sense, the good relationships with its various public targets – employees, suppliers and customers, among others – constitute a basic element for the conduction of the Company’s activities. As highlighted in the Code of Ethics, engaging these public targets by means of the open dialogue, which provides a fair, close and beneficial relationship, is one of the principles of sustainability that guide Paranapanema’s strategy.

Besides that, Paranapanema’s competitiveness results from the willingness and capacity of its employees to innovate, improve processes and increase the operational efficiency. Therefore, the Company’s people management is based on the principles of meritocracy, ensuring that the relationships with its professionals takes into account the respect regarding the technical capacity, experience and performance of each one.


Remuneration and Benefits

The guidelines for the definition of salaries and benefits offered by Paranapanema to its employees are detailed in its Remuneration Policy, which seeks to ensure the Company’s competitiveness in the labor market, as well as the increase of its capacity to attract and develop talent. As a result, Paranapanema practices amounts compatible with the functional categories and the hiring regions, considering aspects such as the complexity, the level of specialization and the responsibilities of each position. Reinforcing the commitment to guarantee equality, Paranapanema does not differentiate the base salary for men and women who occupy the same functions.

Among the benefits offered to the Company’ employees there are the medical and dental care plans, the private pension plans with the compensation from the Company, group life insurance, restaurant located in the workplace, award for attendance, parking, transportation allowance or van pooling in some units.


Variable remuneration

Profit Sharing Program: it seeks to encourage the participation of the employees so that the Company achieves its best performance. Said Program includes all those employees employed by the CLT system and the involved amounts are negotiated with the unions and with the respective Employees’ Representatives Committee, as provided for in Law 10,101, of 2000. All eligible employees receive the same amount, conditioned to the achievement of the goals established in the Collective Agreements. In 2018, approximately BRL 13.9 million were distributed to the employees related with the referred Program.

Variable Remuneration Program: directed to executive positions, such as chiefs, managers and officers, it has the purpose to align the Company’s interests with the ones from its employees, recognizing the individual performances and promoting the retention of talent. As a result, it links additional compensation with the achievement of economic, financial and operational performance targets.


Management regarding professional support

Committed to provide individual and humanitarian support to its employees, Paranapanema’s people Management Sector created, in 2017, a specific area for Management regarding professional Support. Currently active in the company’s three units, this area is formed by a multidisciplinary team – involving professionals from different areas of human resources – to provide services which might help the employees with their own professional, personal or family issues.

Moreover, such area related with the Management regarding professional Support is spontaneously triggered by the employees, being an option for them to be helped in demands with several different natures, such as the use of health care, mediation in case of professional conflicts, orientation during periods of sick leave or work accident, among others.



In line with the guidelines of its Sustainability Policy, Paranapanema values the diversity and does not accept any form of discrimination in its activities and relationships. This is a value considered as fundamental for the sustainable development of the Company and of the communities in which it is inserted. As a result, Paranapanema seeks to promote the equality of rights, regardless of its cultural, ethnic, financial or religious origin, age, sexual orientation or political opinion.

The Company shares with other companies of the industrial sector the challenge of pursuing the balance between men and women in the workforce. By 2017, the gender balance was favorable at the administrative level, in which 48% of the employees were women, and between apprentices and trainees, the female force represented 56% of the professionals. In management positions, besides occupying one of the six existing Boards of Officers, women were leading 18.2% of the total management and leadership positions of the Company. Considering the entire staff, 90% of Paranapanema’s employees were men and 10% were women.


Work Health and Safety

Provide a safe environment, which favors the health of the employees and service providers, is a permanent commitment of Paranapanema. All units often conduct inspections and trainings with the purpose of keeping professionals informed on how to avoid accidents and improve their physical and emotional well-being. [GRI 103-1]

In the three units, Paranapanema maintains Internal Accident Prevention Committees, which represents 100% of employees, of all hierarchical levels. In all, 56 professionals form such Committees, between effective members and Alternates, who are dedicated both to the dissemination of the safety guidelines and orientations, as well as to the analysis of accident and incident records, in order to establish corrective and preventive actions.


Constant care

In order to promote good health and safety practices among its employees, Paranapanema maintains the following permanent programs:

• Daily Safety Dialogues: informal meeting with the purpose of developing and encouraging the adoption of preventive practices among the employees of the operational area, fulfilled every day before the start of the workday. It is a communication channel for subjects related to the safety of the professionals and the protection of the environment.

• Management of noise exposure: Monitoring program aiming to prevent problems related to the exposure to noise. It involves training and lectures about the correct use of the Individual Protective Equipment and internal audits in the workstations.

• Ergonomics and physiotherapy: The Espaço Saúde, maintained in the unit of Santo André (SP) in partnership with the Industrial Social Service, offers rehabilitation services to employees. It fulfilled 1,860 assistances in 2018. At the Dias d’Ávila (BA) unit, physiotherapists and ergonomists perform rehabilitation services at the local outpatient. In 2018, assistances in this area totaled 1,260. In all units, ergonomists periodically evaluate the working conditions at the Company’s premises.


Training and Development

Aware that human capital is one of its main assets, Paranapanema maintains a training and development program for its employees. In this regard, the different areas of the Company receive the support of the Training and Development, Work Safety and Quality and Environment areas to develop an annual development plan for each professional. In 2018, there were 39 hours dedicated to the employees training.

Paranapanema conducts an annual process of performance evaluation of all professionals in leadership positions. The methodology used is matrix, relating the performance presented by the employees with what is considered to be their potential performance. The results support the elaboration of the Individual Development Plans.


Integrated Management System Policy

Quality, environment, safety and occupational health

Paranapanema S.A., the largest non-integrated Brazilian producer of refined copper, Wire Rod, drawn wires, laminates, bars, pipes, connections and their alloys, through its integrated management system, seeks to promote ethics and sustainable development In conducting their business and transparency with the stakeholders with which they relate. To achieve the intended results of the integrated Management system, Paranapanema maintains the permanent commitment of:

  • Result oriented, continually advance the performance of the integrated management system, improving the products and processes, in harmony with the environment, the safety and health of the people, emphasyzing the simplicity;
  • Ensure the Compliance with legal requirements and other requirements subscribed to the business;
  • Get the Customer Satisfaction to improve its satisfaction, earning them fidelity and meeting the agreed requirements;
  • To know the environmental aspects, seeking to continually reduce their impacts associated with their activities, protecting the environment and promoting the pollution prevention;
  • Consult and promote employee participation and their representantives, awaring them about the commitment with the results and their responsability with its health and safety;
  • Encourage attitude, training, collaborative work and awareness, aiming at the commitment of employees with the intended results of the Integrated Management System.

The engagement of all employees with this policy is fundamental to the success of Paranapanema.