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Paranapanema S.A. operates in the foundry and refining of the primary copper and in the production of semi-manufactured of copper and its alloys. It is, therefore, the only company to transform the mineral copper into metal in Brazil. The Company’s activities cover the majority of the industrial chain of the material, including the manufacturing and sale of products and co-products, such as debars, drawn wires, laminates, bars, tubes, connections, among others.

Being a publicly-held company, Paranapanema is listed with the code PMAM3 in the New Market (“Novo Mercado”), the highest level of corporate governance of B3 S.A. – Brazil, Bolsa, Balcão. With 2,202 employees and net income of R $ 4.8 billion in 2018, it is positioned as the fourth largest company of the state of Bahia and the 110th of the country, according to the publication named “The Best and The Largest” (“Melhores e Maiores”), issued by the Brazilian magazine named “EXAME”. Its industrial units add up to three. The headquarters, located in Dias d’Ávila, state of Bahia, produces cathodes, wires and Wire Rod, as well as copper co-products such as anodic sludge and sulfuric acid. In the Santo André unit, in the state of São Paulo, where the Company’s fiscal headquarters is also located, copper and its alloys are manufactured, such as laminates, tubes and bars. The third unit is located in Serra, in the state of Espírito Santo, where copper connections are produced. The company named “CDPC – Centro de Distribuição de Produtos de Cobre Ltda.”, a controlled company of Paranapanema, has its units in the states of Bahia, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and performs the distribution logistics.




To ensure the production of copper and copper alloys, sustainably and with value for employees, shareholders, customers and suppliers.



To be a world class company recognized for the competitiveness of its costs and the excellence of its products and services.



• Motivation to win new customers and retain them

• Capacity to grow sustainably

• Exemplary ethics in internal and external relations

• Creativity and innovation to achieve excellence

• Everyone dedicated to facing and overcoming challenges

• Working relationships based on trust and respect

• Ability to adapt to overcome adversity