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Paranapanema, Brazil’s largest copper producer, values the full integrity, transparency and responsibility in relations with its stakeholders. So, care to ethical conduct and the true and honest information from their leaders, employees, suppliers and partners is defended, valued and encouraged continuously.

Any act that is not in accordance with the Paranapanema’s Code of Ethics must be reported to the Ethics Line, as well as any information or situation that may impair Paranapanema or any of its stakeholders.

Paranapanema’s Ethics Line is coordinated by Deloitte, an independent consulting, ensuring the confidentiality of your information. Paranapanema and Deloitte don’t perform any registry or tracking computers.

Paranapanema’s Code of Ethics

Everybody’s participation at the Business Ethical’s Management and Paranapanema’s Corporate Governance creates a better working environment and contributes to the consolidation of an organizational culture marked by the adoption of ethical principles, justice, merit and transparency.

Click here to see our Code of Ethics.

Confidentiality of reports

All reports will be treated confidentially, preserving the identity of those involved. Complaints involving the interpersonal behavior of Paranapanema employees will also be confidential, but may not be anonymous.

No tolerance for retaliation

It won’t be permitted and tolerated any retaliation against a user who reports a concern about misconduct.

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